Putting Myself on a Mandatory Vacation

A mandatory vacation you ask? Yes. You see, I’ve let myself get a little overloaded lately. I’ve worked and worked and for a while I quite loved it. (I’m a little messed up that way.) But just like any other mere mortal, my tank started to run low. Very, very low. I was losing the joy in my daily duties. I was tired. And some might say I was just a tad grumpy. Just a tad. 

This week, I’m off at the church. We have a weekend in the mountains camping trip planned. Getting ready for camping (especially tent camping) can be quite an ordeal for a family of 5. I was actually starting to dread that as well. But then I decided–the buzz words for this week will be easy, simple and relaxed.

Easy camping menu to plan for. Slower pace. More sitting on the porch. More reading on my own and with my youngest. Walks down the country road. A little more peace.


Where I plan on spending a little more time this week.

I think, for moms, it can be quite difficult to take a time off or give ourselves some rest. Because even if we have a break from work outside the house, our families still need food and laundry. Kids still need guidance and discipline. Bills still need paid. The daily life at your house (or even your vacation spot) never stops and some of us feel like we still need to keep spinning a hundred plates in the air at all times.

If it’s not always physically demanding, it sure is mentally.

That’s the reason for the mandatory vacation. I don’t get to escape from the daily stuff. (And that’s okay.) But I was carrying far too much of a burden in my little mind. The activities building up, the to do lists I was trying to cross off–they led to a stressed mind. The stressed mind led to anxiety. The anxiety saps energy. And then the grumpies move in.

So it’s time for a little reset. Time to remind myself that I don’t have to make it all happen. I don’t have to get it perfectly done. I never was anyway. And I needed the reminder to give the burdens to God and just give my mind some rest.

And if I can end those few days with a trip to one of my most favorite places, surrounded by the people I love, then even better. 

So if you want to take your cues from me, I hereby give you permission to give yourself some sort of a little vacation this week as well. May we all find a little rest and joy on the way.


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The Power of Two Little Letters…OK

power of ok

Around here, we subscribe to the power of “OK.” Oh, the magic those two little letters possess! Short. Sweet. Not a trace of argument or pretension or pride or frustration…ya know, if spoken in a tone of voice that matches :).

Cause maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the people in my house (yeah, me included) seem to LOVE to add their two cents. We love to give our excuses. We love to add our input and comments and recommendations. We love to correct and inform and yes…be a little bossy sometimes.

Enter the power of “OK.”

Could you empty the trash, dear son?–“OK, mom.”

I’m cranky today and I need you to do something quietly in your room.–“OK, mom.”

You need to get along with your siblings today.–“OK, mom.”

And it works for SO many other things. Your spouse venting or ranting about family or work? Maybe…just maybe…he or she doesn’t want you to *fix* the problem. Maybe he just wants you to listen (all the way to the bitter end) and say “OK.”

Or when your incredibly brilliant teenager takes forever a moment to download all he has discovered about the fantastic new gaming device he plans to buy…for the 20th time. Maybe this mom should just smile in my most interested fashion and say, “OK.”

I can’t say enough about OK. It’s more than just a quick reply. It reminds us that maybe we don’t need to say EVERYTHING that pops up into our little heads. It reminds us to listen. It reminds us to be agreeable instead of argumentative.

Now, I realize there are exceptions. I certainly don’t want my kids to say “OK” to just anyone out there. Common sense and wise discretion still apply here. But in the day to day interaction with family, it goes a long way.

Give those two magic letters a try. Preach their virtues to the family. And let me know how it goes.


Oh, and just for kicks, our favorite way to say “OK.” Courtesy of Phineas & Ferb.